5 Genius Nail Polish Hacks You Really Need to Know

Posted on 16-05-2016 by Stella Ong


If you haven't check out 5 Unexpected New Ways to Use Nail Polish, don't worry, we have more #LifeHacks for you. But this time, we'll share with you hacks that will help make your DIY mani-pedi session more pleasurable.


Use craft glue for easy glitter nail polish removal.

I really (really) love glitter nails but I hate (loath and detest) the removal process. After many years of avoiding glitter nail polish, I found out that using craft glue as a base coat makes removing glitter polish super easy.


I emptied out a nail polish bottle and added glue into it, and then I would apply the glue like a normal base coat.


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Vaseline around your fingernails to remove nail polish easily.

Apply vaseline around your fingernails before applying your nail polish to make removing your mistakes easily, all you need to do to wipe off the Vaseline. Besides it is super softening and moisturizing for your cuticles.


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*p.s. When you're done with the nail polish, apply Vaseline around the opening of the bottle before closing it to prevent the nail polish from drying it.


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Dip your freshly painted nails in cold water to dry it faster!

Once you've painted your nails, dip them in cold water and it'll dry faster.


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Fix dried out nail polish with acetone.

This is a struggle we all face – nail polish drying out within months of purchase. Actually, there's a reason why it dries out, and it's because you're letting air into the bottle whenever you leave the bottle open while doing your nails, which then thickens the polish.


Clean your nail polish brush with acetone until the clumps of polish falls off. Once the brush is clean, screw the cap back on, and the remaining acetone-filled brush will thin out the polish in the bottle.


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*p.s. If the polish is a little too thick, place the nail polish bottle in a cup of hot water, then clean your brush as usual and add a little acetone into the bottle.



DIY your own nail polish remover jar.

I hate wasting cotton pads to remove my nails so I found this super easy hack. First, I took a clean, new dish washing sponge, rolled and squeezed it into a jar that I got from Daiso (you can use a pill bottle). Then I poured in nail polish remover into the jar until it's three-quarter full and it's ready for you to dip your finger to wiggle the nail polish away.


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Once you've painted your nails, try out our 5 Tricks to Keep Your Manicure Looking Fresh. If there're any other problems you've been facing, share it the comment below and we'll help you out!

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